Ivin Ballen: Ivin Ballen, CEO
MAY 11 - JUNE 20, 2014

Excerpt from Ivin Ballen, CEO by Keith J. Varadi

The artist reveres these artists of the past and the freedoms they have afforded him, but he has difficulty relating. The only solutions he aspires to are formal solutions; that is, which color makes a certain shape pop or what material would protect a specific surface. The progress he displays is nuanced and relative; that is, he does not make bold proclamations or sweeping generalizations. He is less like a 20th Century Artist and more like a 21st Century Entrepreneur.

In fact, he probably admires and respects Steve Jobs more than Donald Judd. Upon making that bold proclamation in his head, he makes a sweeping generalization: he comes up with an idea and simply tries to make that idea optimal in design and functionality. He takes another sip of his coffee, looks out the window, thinks about what he’s saying, and nods his head to himself. Then he realizes that he’s having an in-depth mental conversation with himself, which he finds embarrassing at first, but the embarrassment soon turns into pride.